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Ultimo Campus celebrates its century and a quarter

syd tech college

Sydney Technical College’s Ultimo Campus became the hub of activity for technical training in NSW and is now the largest TAFE College in the state

She’s the grand old dame of the neighbourhood and the proud matriarch of the family of TAFE campuses scattered right across the state.

She’s become a cultural and landmark icon in the precinct, along with the ABC’s Sydney headquarters, the UTS, and Central Station. And she’s just about to turn 125. How does she manage to keep looking so good?

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The organic shift


I was always going to be a farmer and developed a deep love of the Australian landscape and its ecosystems. We all eat. But we’re still mostly disconnected from where our food comes from. Despite an increasing awareness of some pretty unpleasant … [Continue reading]

A passion for fashion


Mum first taught me to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls when I was little. And I remember being so happy when I got my first sewing machine for my 16th birthday Q: What do you do if you’re having doubts that your course of study is right for … [Continue reading]

The supply and demand of careers


The numbers don’t lie. The fulltime employment rate for university graduates in Australia is now less than 70%. This is the lowest it’s been in 30 years. … [Continue reading]

Finding casual work while studying


It’s still possible to find ‘gateway jobs’ that allow you to learn while you earn Nowadays the large majority of students combine part-time work with study. But the clever ones aim to get more than a pay cheque out of their job. … [Continue reading]

Eight online courses that can give your career the edge


These days the job market is more competitive than ever. Anything that can give you an edge, no matter how subtle, over everyone else has to be a good thing. Here are eight TAFE NSW courses ranging from Certificate II to Diploma level that are … [Continue reading]

Empty the tank


  Beyond money, beyond income, beyond opportunities – becoming self-made starts with choosing yourself”. – Nely Galan It’s hard to believe in something, especially when that ‘something’ is yourself. Creating a successful outcome takes effort. … [Continue reading]

A digital outlook with David Bartolo


Digital Media now allows us to explore and reinterpret our world in so many ways, as well as share all our knowledge and experiences in real time Okay let’s just say it. The digital media world is so vast and complex that it’s capable of sometimes … [Continue reading]

Seven essential skills for business owners


Meeting new contacts is a way of casting your business net as wide as possible You've graduated, you've got a killer business idea and you're ready to open the doors to your very own empire. But it takes a certain mixture of personal skills to make … [Continue reading]

How to stop hating your job


Identifying what you’re really unhappy about just takes some honest introspection with no interference from the ego They say romantic relationships can get the ‘seven year itch’. But does the same principle apply to jobs and careers? For our … [Continue reading]