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Gary Fishlock

Content Writer at TAFE NSW

Gary has been a writer, editor and journalist in both print and digital platforms for almost 20 years. He has covered a diverse range of areas including business and finance, health, education, retail, e-marketing, social media and the arts. He is currently part of the TAFE NSW social media team in Customer Engagement and Online Services.

How to ‘survive’ your HSC

by Gary Fishlock

The best approach you can take is to set your own personal goals and then strive to achieve them

Those inverted commas around the word ‘survive’ in the heading are deliberate. There’s a lot of hype at the moment about the HSC exams. How crucially important they are and how your entire career path will be determined by your ATAR. In a nutshell, this isn’t true.

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9 reasons to celebrate Harmony Day

by Gary Fishlock

We all have something interesting and authentic to bring to the table

There’s little doubt that Australia is one of the most culturally-diverse nations on the planet. Our population is made up of people representing virtually every cultural background. The inevitable result of this is that our society becomes a huge melting pot of colour, flavour and diversity.

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Business woman

Is it time for that career change?

by Gary Fishlock

Why change careers?

There’s a whole swag of reasons why people yearn for a career change. Some people lose interest in their field. Or get itchy feet and yearn for something different. And sometimes it’s just plain old boredom.

Whatever the reason, TAFE NSW can be the bridge between your old career and your new career.

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