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Gary Fishlock

Content Writer at TAFE NSW

Gary has been a writer, editor and journalist in both print and digital platforms for almost 20 years. He has covered a diverse range of areas including business and finance, health, education, retail, e-marketing, social media and the arts. He is currently part of the TAFE NSW social media team in Customer Engagement and Online Services.

Beware the sugar-coated fantasies of success

by Gary Fishlock

Daydream believers will often fall behind those who are motivated by actual experienced-based expectations

Want to pass that exam, score that hot job, find that ideal partner? Even a casual look at the multitude of self-help books, websites and blogs out there right now will tell you that it’s all about visualising it to make it real. Ninety percent of the battle is simply creating and believing in the fantasy of achieving your goal. Or so pop culture would have us believe.

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