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Nicola Hanlon

Social Media Lead at TAFE NSW

st. Patrick's Day

14 Irish expressions to get you through St. Patrick’s Day

by Nicola Hanlon

It’s that wonderful time of year again, St. Patrick’s Day! And miraculously it’s fallen on a Friday (YAY!).

St. Patrick’s Day, or Paddy’s Day, as we Irish like to call it, is that delightful time of year where we throw on our something green and join in the merriment of high-spirited mascots, marching bands, dancing leprechauns and of course the sea of Irish stumbling the streets in emerald top hats and ginger beards.

Completely defying the Irish stereotype, of course.

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mardis gras

What does Mardi Gras mean to you?

by Nicola Hanlon

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is here!

It’s back – one of Australia’s biggest and most anticipated events, proudly bringing people from all corners of the world together to celebrate the LGBTQI community. 70,000 people will stand among us to witness the colourful, energetic, world-famous Mardi Gras Parade this weekend – and we can’t wait. Read more…