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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day at TAFE – who’s got the love bug?


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We’re certainly getting in to the spirit here at TAFE NSW. There’s lots and lots happening around our campuses this week so no need to sob into your Ben & Jerry’s if you’ve no plans for the day – celebrate with us!

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a book lover or a creative soul, there’s plenty to get involved in. Take a look at how some of our students are marking the occasion:

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Builder And Apprentice Carrying Wood On Construction Site

Apprenticeships – are they for you?


See the real challenges you might encounter in your chosen field and start the practical training that will help you meet them

Apprenticeships give you the chance to pick up knowledge on the job and learn from the best – the perfect place to start a long and prosperous career – especially in today’s trade-hungry job market.

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Woman operating on circular saw in workshop

Jobs of the future


Many of the professions predicted to enjoy future popularity are due to the ageing population and the digital boom

Life isn’t static. And neither is the job market. Times will always be changing and this means the demand for different jobs and trades will change with them. Jobs that were popular and in high demand 10 years ago might be waning now, due to a change in technology, method of service delivery, consumer demand or other trends or factors.

Here is our pick of six professions that look set to increase in popularity over the next five to 10 years. Some of them are professions that have already been around for many years and are enjoying a steady increase in popularity. Others are roles that barely existed 10 or 15 years ago. Read more…