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My Story: Becoming a real life superhero


Education gives us choices, improves our self-confidence and ensures we are more capable of dealing with life

Jumping into study can be daunting, but when you have been out of the game for 35 years it can be petrifying! Doubts start creeping in, you tell yourself you’re not smart enough or you’re too old to start all over again. This fear may be robbing you of the career you’ve always wanted. That’s what Patricia McGrath found when she toyed with the idea of heading back to study after a long break from education.

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How TAFE can prepare you for study


TAFE can assist you in overcoming the language or numeracy difficulties standing in the way of you achieving your goals

Part of TAFE’s mission is to make sure those who might otherwise fall through the cracks – people who left school early, migrants from non-English-speaking backgrounds, refugees – can access the kind of educational opportunities others take for granted.

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Weird and wonderful TAFE courses


No matter how unconventional your career path is, there’s a strong possibility that TAFE NSW offers a course that will help you gain the skills necessary to pursue it

It’s sometimes mistakenly assumed that TAFE NSW exists solely to help train up apprentices working in the trades. While that’s definitely a big part of TAFE’s mission, it’s an educational institution that seeks to help a wide range of Australians acquire the skill set they need to pursue their dream career. Here are a few examples of some of the more unusual qualifications you can get at TAFE NSW. Read more…

Jobs that never go out of business


Acquire a skill set that a computer can’t easily replicate

Some futurologists predict half the jobs that currently exist will disappear within the next couple of decades. Driverless cars will make taxi and bus drivers obsolete, online learning will mean a dramatic cut in the number of teachers required and 3D printers will mean we can all print out our own (perfectly fitting) clothes and footwear, removing the need for tailors and shoemakers. Read more…

TAFE NSW launches world-leading mobile study app


Unlike most other digital educational applications, SkillsLocker is driven by the student, rather than the teacher.

The world’s first app for mobile devices, enabling students to instantly submit assessment evidence, has just been launched by TAFE NSW. Called ‘SkillsLocker’, the free web app will greatly streamline the process of collecting, verifying and assessing evidential materials. Read more…

Is working from home the right choice for you?


Working from home isn’t for everyone, but if you’re lucky enough to be given the opportunity … it’s worth exploring

When embarking on your chosen career, you might be lucky enough to be offered the choice to work from home. Or you might be forced into using your home as an office when launching your own business. And while it’s great to have the option, working from home isn’t for everyone. Those who have worked from home generally report three big pros and three big cons when it comes to telecommuting. Read more…

How to help your apprentice thrive


Try and find apprentices who have a genuine passion for your industry then do all you can to nourish both them and their passion

Setting up an apprentice scheme isn’t just good news for your business – it’s great for Australia’s workforce. By teaching people much-needed skills, you’re giving your industry a better talent pool to work with in the future.

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