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Celebrating love and acceptance at Fair Day!

by Maryann Blackwell

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras turns 40 this year, and with the YES vote fresh in our minds, you know it’s going to be a hell of a party, one that even CHER couldn’t resist!

But it’s not all about the party and parade! The festival brings LGBTQI communities from around the world to Sydney, to enjoy a great program of events, including Fair Day, launching this year’s festival on Sunday 18, February.

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Keeping industry alive

by Gary Fishlock

 The global economy is completely dependent on cheap oil and therefore unsustainable

It’s all about the ‘L’ word – local.

This seems to be at loggerheads with the ethos of our global economy. But there are many reasons, both practical and ethical, to buy local rather than imported goods. Read more…

Two grasshoppers

by Gary Fishlock

Our current food supply chain, which is what feeds most of us most of the time, is completely dependent on cheap oil and therefore unsustainable

Believe it or not, that’s all it takes for a happy chook to produce one organic egg. Now there’s a juicy little morsel you probably didn’t know.

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Nature versus industry

by Gary Fishlock

It requires an almost superhuman effort of will to not know where our meat is coming from

Over the last couple of decades, something strange has happened to farming. It’s moved from being mostly nature-driven, to being mostly industry-driven.

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A tale of two gardens

by Gary Fishlock

If you can’t make it out to the Show in person, you can check out videos of the completed gardens below

The autumn leaves are falling and Easter eggs are dominating retail displays everywhere. This can mean only one thing – Sydney’s Royal Easter Show is back in town. And with it, the TAFE NSW Landscaping Challenge!

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How’s your ecological intelligence?

by Maria Saupin

A shared collective consciousness of ecological intelligence and responsible business is developing amongst market leading firms

Ecological intelligence is the conscious understanding that consumption and the effects of consumption impacts on our environment. Many corporations and businesses are becoming more aware of the big challenges facing the planet and they’re setting a more sustainable course. Empowered leaders are assuming responsibility for creating a sustainable future by developing a conscience for ‘caring and conserving’, rather than ‘competing and consuming’. Read more…

Hittin’ the road – Episode 5: Yallah

by Brendon Walker

Just when I was thinking the Campus’ environmental credentials couldn’t get any better, I was introduced to a cool little mud brick shack that also doubles as a classroom

When it comes to sustainable building and green energy, Yallah TAFE is about as good as it gets. The facilities here have a Green Star rating of five. Just to provide some context, the international standard for best in class is six stars. And with excellence comes recognition. Read more…

Having a whale of a time

by Wendy Hird

This will be the first time in 100 years that whales will not be hunted in the Southern Ocean

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has extra reason to celebrate their National Whale Day this year.  On 31 March, the International Court of Justice declared that Japan’s Southern Ocean whale hunt was illegal under international law.

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