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Find Balance

Find your study/life balance with study tips, inspirational and motivational stories and important reminders that family, friends and the community are equally important to careers.

Keeping industry alive

by Gary Fishlock

 The global economy is completely dependent on cheap oil and therefore unsustainable

It’s all about the ‘L’ word – local.

This seems to be at loggerheads with the ethos of our global economy. But there are many reasons, both practical and ethical, to buy local rather than imported goods. Read more…

Chocolate bar, cocoa beans and wooden spoon

The history of chocolate

by Gary Fishlock

The World Cocoa Foundation estimates that the number of people who currently depend on chocolate for their livelihood is about 50 million

Chocolate. The mere word is capable of invoking a passionate response in many people. Read more…

Celebrating Irish Australians

by Ruth Felice

They say if you’re not one, you want to be one… Irish that is. ‘Paddys’ possess the ‘gift of the gab’, charm and an enviable sense of humour. And I am not just saying this because I’m Irish myself.

The Irish brought us River Dance, colour photography and a cure for Leprosy (thank you, Vincent Barry) but here in Australia they may be more known for ‘enjoying the craic’.

Read more…

Five great movies about women

by Gary Fishlock

Looking for a good flick or five to settle into? As a tribute to International Women’s Day 2016, we present to you five great movies that have women as the main protagonists. These stories cover a range of genres and inspire all the emotions. Most importantly, they’re quality viewing for women and men alike. After all, a great story is a great story. And rest assured – no spoilers ahead. Read more…

Girl making heart symbol with her hands in sunset

Just be you

by Gary Fishlock

A healthy society is one that values its own diversity and treats all of its citizens with equal respect

It’s baaaack. This weekend, Sydney’s world-famous Mardi Gras parade will once again snake its glittering way up Oxford and Flinders Streets, no doubt cheered on by thousands of well-wishers.

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Try a little kindness

by Gary Fishlock

It’s something that our parents and grandparents told us about, but which doesn’t seem to hold much sway in our modern, market society where everything has a price tag

When did it happen? We now live in an age of skepticism, rapid communications and 24-hour news cycles. The dominant sentiment seems to be “what’s in it for me?” How did our society become such a cold, hard place? Surely there’s some kind of antidote to this perpetual negativity and mistrust.

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Young couple at sunset, girls stands on tiptoe to kiss man - Close up on shoes

Cupid’s condoms

by Gary Fishlock

The number one issue many people have with condoms is that the latex deadens sensation – like having sex through a shower curtain

Okay, let’s see if we can have a sensible, adult discussion about condoms while keeping a straight face and without cracking any silly jokes.

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