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Your state needs you

by John Barilaro

One of the best decisions I ever made was dropping out of University to pursue a trade

Our state is on a roll. We’re currently enjoying a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity. But at the same time, we’re also increasingly finding it difficult to meet the demand for skilled workers and apprentices. As a result, the construction sector is starting to face a crisis.

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How to help your apprentice thrive


Try and find apprentices who have a genuine passion for your industry then do all you can to nourish both them and their passion

Setting up an apprentice scheme isn’t just good news for your business – it’s great for Australia’s workforce. By teaching people much-needed skills, you’re giving your industry a better talent pool to work with in the future.

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Pressure cooking

by Daniel Baker

Staying motivated within the hospitality sector will be less of a problem if we’re able to satisfy our social needs

Commercial kitchens are hot and steamy melting pots of creative, competitive people all trying to keep on top of the hectic pace. This is not only part of kitchen culture but is essential if you aim to get the job done to a high standard. And on time. For most, the work is unglamorous but thrilling and energising at the same time.

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picture of an empty industrial kitchen

The strange case of the vanishing apprentice chefs

by Daniel Baker

Nothing can replace the apprenticeship scheme of learning on the job and attending TAFE one day per week

Where have all the apprentice chefs gone? It appears to me that so few young school leavers these days seek employment as an apprentice or chef jobs in the hospitality industry. When I left school in 1980 it was very common to take up a trade course in so many areas and I’m very concerned that we’re losing (or have lost) the respect an apprenticeship used to bring. Read more…

Plumber fixing kitchen sink

How to land a plumbing apprenticeship in NSW

by Kevin O'Kane

Many businesses have had to freeze or reduce staff levels, which means taking on apprentices has become an expensive luxury

So you’ve decided you want to become a plumber. That’s great news, but brace yourself – you’re in for the hardest part of the journey… getting a plumbing apprenticeship.

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Experience or exploitation?


An intern should be getting at least as much out of an employer as the employer is getting out of them.

Once upon a time, unpaid work experience was something Australians did for a week or two while completing their secondary or tertiary education. More recently, many Australian industries have embraced the idea of the American internship, which involves those aspiring to get an entry-level job volunteering their labour for extended periods, with some working full-time for several months without receiving a cent. Read more…

Transitioning from study to work


The dividing line between unpaid work experience and salaried employment has become increasingly fuzzy in recent years

Employers are increasingly expecting those who want to work for them to complete internships, cadetships or graduate programs. But what should you expect and how should you apply? Read more…