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Starting an apprenticeship program


If your business needs skilled staff, maybe it’s time you considered offering an apprenticeship.

While apprenticeships are common in certain industries, many business owners fail to realise that the solution to their staffing issues could be starting an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships are already offered in over 500 occupations, so there is likely to be one well suited to your business’s needs. Read more…

Is MasterChef the new TAFE?


If you’re after a starring role on MasterChef, your best bet might just be taking on a cooking course at TAFE NSW

Today it seems the way to make it as a celeb chef is to win a reality cooking show like Masterchef. But few would realise that TAFE is the blue ribbon of Australian cuisine, with many of its graduates going on to become household names.

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Woman peeking over a sign which says 'hire me'

Where are the jobs?


There’s nothing quite so reassuring as possessing a skill that’s in demand

There’s not much use getting a qualification unless it leads to a job. While it’s tricky to predict the future, there’s plenty of data suggesting what Australia’s growth industries will be.

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