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Woman working on laptop on the beach

The art of blogging

by Kathryn McGilvray

I’ve found blogging has been key to my own professional development

This term, as in past terms I am one of those horrible teachers who forces their students to use technology. I make my students create a Google account just so we can all play in Google’s Technology Playground. I usually don’t have too much opposition to this, and if a student really doesn’t want to create an account then they just complete their weekly blog in a Word doc.

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Negotiation 101

by Julia Goff

The fairy godmother smiled and whispered in the little princess’s ear; “Try negotiating.”

Once upon a time there was a little prince and a little princess. The little prince had a lovely grey pony that he loved to ride.  The little princess did not have a pony as her parents had given her a red Maserati instead.

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Let’s meet in March

by Kathryn McGilvray

Our teaching experience is much richer when we share and get fresh ideas and perspectives from others

By and large, teachers are a very creative bunch of people. There’s a lot of scope for creativity even in the most prescriptive unit. It’s all in the delivery. When the pressures in life compound, they can squeeze the creative life out of us when we have to meet deadlines, validation and ‘show continuous improvement’. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. However, looking for small windows of opportunity to spark that creative and innovative part of ourselves can be closer than we think. Read more…

Getting linked

by Kathy Koustoubardis

It’s a good idea to accompany your job title with a tagline or a headline that encapsulates your expertise and what you’re best known for

LinkedIn is a US-based organization that provides a forum for professionals to network with a focus on building professional connections and business opportunities. It has over 200 million members worldwide.

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Come back! We miss you!

by David Bartolo

We all lay low occasionally, often because we’re too busy to keep in touch with all our networks. Or maybe we just want a bit of space

Every once in a while I become a bit of a digital hermit. I stop writing blogs (look at how long it’s been since I submitted a post to TAFE Bytes). I don’t update my LinkedIn profile. I stop posting or even looking on Facebook. I don’t tweet (actually I don’t tweet much at the best of times – who’d want to follow me?).

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When teachers meet

by Kathryn McGilvray

We should never become so isolated in our classrooms that we are unaware of those around us

For some people, social media can be a dirty word. In just the last five years I’m sure that most people know of someone who’s had a messy relationship breakup because of Facebook, Twitter or some other form of social media.

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How to get yourself headhunted


Build a reputation as someone who is passionate about work and your industry

It’s a dream scenario – rather than having to go out and chase jobs, the jobs start to chase you. But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. With the right practical skills, industry expertise and a reputation as a hard worker, you could be exactly the kind of person most likely to be pursued by headhunters.
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