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Learn from TAFE NSW industry experts. Get insider tips about the course that will help you achieve your goals and how to land your dream job and more.

How practical training can transform your business


Many employers choose to pay for their staff to do TAFE NSW courses

While it can be tempting to skimp on training, all the available evidence suggests it’s an investment that pays big dividends. There are two questions business owners need to ask themselves about training their staff: is it worth it and, if so, what kind of training is best? Read more…

Plant Growing In jar of coins

Show me the money (and lifestyle)!


Discover what kinds of rewards are on offer in the industry you’re interested in

It can be tricky getting your career to match up neatly with your lifestyle and financial requirements. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

When evaluating what career path is right for you, it’s vital to determine if the job you’re pursuing will provide the lifestyle you aspire to and the remuneration you dream of. Read more…

Pull off a perfect presentation


Learning how to pull off a great presentation begins in the classroom

There are few things as nerve-wracking as speaking in front of a class, or to a roomful of colleagues or clients. If you want it to run smoothly, the key is to prepare well.

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How to find job vacancies


It’s worth making use of traditional job-search methods as well as thinking outside the box

People find jobs in all sorts of different ways, so it’s a smart move to explore as many avenues as possible.

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Time for a career change?


There will never be a perfect time or an entirely risk-free way of changing careers

Changing careers can be both exciting and frightening, but it’s something best done in a calm and rational frame of mind.

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Is higher education worth the investment?


With so many choices and student numbers multiplying, people are looking for other ways to stand out

The 60-million-dollar question at the moment is about higher education and whether a degree qualification is really necessary. As universities continue to increase their fees and students take on more and more debt, many people are questioning whether it’s all worth it.

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