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Study Tips

Feeling overwhelmed with your study? Get the support you need, right here, with study and health tips to get you through!

Couple learning indoors and having fun

The Science to Studying

by Ruth Felice

Finding the perfect study formula can be difficult, it varies depending on what course you are studying, how you best absorb information and how well you’ve planned your study around your life.

We’ve heard our share of old-wives tales on achieving the perfect study methods and in the spirit of National Science Week we’ve decided to bust a few of these myths to help you find an approach that works for you.

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Think your way to success

by Ruth Felice

You’ve heard the old saying, “you are what you eat”. But did you know that your subconscious is made up of the external factors we expose our brains to? Research from MIT states that “thoughts” are directly triggered by external stimuli—a feather brushing your skin, seeing these words on the computer screen, hearing a phone ring. Each of these events triggers a series of signals in the brain” (MIT School of Engineering, 2014). This means that our thoughts are manipulated by the books we read, the films we watch and the TV we binge on!

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Group of students on campus

Welcome back!

by Gary Fishlock

Plan a flexible study schedule that will gradually chip away at that mountain of work while still letting you have a life

It’s the middle of the year. The mercury is now spending a lot of quality time in the low teens and single digits (brrr!!!!). Short sleeves and open windows seem like a long-distant memory. But even in the middle of all this winter quiet, there’s still stuff to look forward to…

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#TAFEChat - Twitter Event


by Ruth Felice

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

It’s okay if you don’t know what career direction you want to take, in fact it’s fairly normal. It’s a big, life changing decision. Join us on Tuesday the 30th of June at 8pm for career advice from TAFE NSW counsellor Monique Ziegelaar. Monique will share tools and tips she uses to help her clients uncover what drives them, inspires them and will lead them to career success. Read more…

6 TED Talks that Inspire

TED Talks that inspire

by Ruth Felice

Education is the best investment you can make for your future. The lessons you learn in the TAFE classroom will impact your career for years to come but your thirst for knowledge doesn’t have to be confined to campus.

You can find thought provoking wisdom all over the internet, like right here on our blog (shameless, we know) or TED has thousands of interesting talks on just about any topic you can think of!

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Study Stress

De-stress & boost brainpower with these 5 tips

by Ruth Felice

Stress can be a great motivator, giving you a much needed kick of adrenaline that forces you to focus on your goals. But as we near the end of semester one, your course work may demand more of your attention and that small amount of ‘normal stress’ may be developing into a full-blown freak out, particularly if this is your first year at TAFE.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Try these five tips to help you cope with study stress and get the job done:

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