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Student Success

The road to Belgium

by Gary Fishlock

I wanted to make croissants in France, pizza in Italy and bread in Germany, and all travelling alone for the first time

The road to success and glory can be paved with many things – sacrifices, good intentions, mistakes well handled. Sometimes even profiteroles.

This was Morgan Clementson’s experience. Now with an international, jet-setting career as a chef in Belgium, the TAFE Illawarra graduate’s journey has been long, occasionally bumpy and not without its challenges. Read more…

Being Uncle Dennis

by Gary Fishlock

I never set out to be a role model or anything. But my nieces and nephews are all watching me and saying ‘Look what Uncle Dennis is doing’

That’s something that Dennis’ young nieces and nephews are all aspiring to. Since enrolling with TAFE NSW’s Tracks to Defence program, the 22-year-old indigenous man has been blazing a trail of leadership and achievement through his family that many members of the younger generation are finding inspirational. Read more…

From hedge funds to box hedges

by Gary Fishlock

I spent most of my time sitting at a desk under fluoro lights. The closest I came to landscaping were the occasional indoor box plants

Combining our passion with our working life is something that most of us would like to achieve. And yet, it remains just an elusive ideal for the vast majority. Read more…

Studying with Crohn’s

by Gary Fishlock

The teachers knew what I was dealing with on a daily basis and they were very accommodating and flexible. It made all the difference to my studies

We all know that studying, even a subject you’re passionate about, usually comes with its own challenges. Assignments, deadlines, juggling study with part-time work. Trying to stay focused on those low energy days.

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More than just a bunch of flowers

by Gary Fishlock

I see floristry as being integrated with health and wellbeing. That’s what it’s about for me

Katarina Lozinski has a theory about flowers.

“I’ve always thought that when people are unwell, if you can tie in a bit of medicine with the flowers, there’s a meaning behind what you’re giving them. It’s more than just a bunch of flowers. So as well as making people happy, the motivation is to give people better health. That’s why I do floristry.” Read more…

Strong foundations

by Gary Fishlock

If you want to build a strong nation then you have to build a strong foundation in children

Industrial Design to Early Childhood Education isn’t your typical career path. But Ito Rivera isn’t your typical TAFE NSW student.

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Girl balancing book on her head

A TAFE success story

by Kenneth Scott Huntley

As teachers, we are proud of all our students – current and former – and we celebrate their victories

One of the greatest things about being a teacher is when a former student really shines. There’s a feeling of pride and accomplishment for their achievement. The knowledge that they’re doing great, and maybe you had a small part in that, maybe you helped them achieve their goals, is a wonderful fulfilling feeling. I’d like to share with you a TAFE success story about one of my former students.

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