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Student Success

Art in bloom

by Gary Fishlock

Eventually I want to start my own business that mixes flowers, desserts, graffiti art and music. I love classic heavy metal. People ask me how it will all work together and I tell them I can’t see it not working, it all connects – Ally, Sydney TAFE

Floristry isn’t something that’s normally associated with graffiti art. But for Sydney TAFE Floristry student, Ally, the two can make a happy, if slightly unusual, marriage. Read more…

My Story: Becoming a real life superhero


Education gives us choices, improves our self-confidence and ensures we are more capable of dealing with life

Jumping into study can be daunting, but when you have been out of the game for 35 years it can be petrifying! Doubts start creeping in, you tell yourself you’re not smart enough or you’re too old to start all over again. This fear may be robbing you of the career you’ve always wanted. That’s what Patricia McGrath found when she toyed with the idea of heading back to study after a long break from education.

Read more…